Unicorn’s all Round

Celebrating another unicorn party with these little beauties. These unicorn cookies were so much fun to make, and I was stoked to have received another order for these.  These sugar cookies were topped with my personal royal icing embellishments and gold painted fondant horns.          Advertisements

Celebrating being 21

Turning 21 is a milestone and these celebrations are even greater when you have someone to share it with, like your twin. This week I was asked to craft up numbered cookies for a set of twins 21st birthday alongside a celebration key dusted in gold signifying being 21.  Happy Birthday to the pair!!   … More Celebrating being 21

Unicorn Birthday Party

Celebrating a unicorn themed birthday party. These little beauties were so much fun to make following my standard sugar cookie recipe topped with royal icing embellishments and fondant ears and horns. Happy Birthday to the little one.